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@ Wits End Technology (WET) uses "The Cloud" to connect our customers to information stored on our servers which can be accessed anywhere in the world provided that the user has internet access.

We provide secure access to your files via our Business Internet Cloud Service with a secure network to store, share and edit files from any device having internet access.
Our Cloud Service provides each of our customers with the following:
  • Data Backup and Storage
  • Access to our Cloud Service from PC, Smartphone or Tablet
  • The ability to securely connect to office PC’s remotely
  • Upload and download instructional videos and audio files on-demand
  • Desktop -To- Cloud Backup

Click HERE for information on our cloud packages
  • The ability to synchronize files on multiple devices
  • Data security in the case of lost or stolen devices
  • Access to shared corporate files from remote personal electronic devices
  • Email and website hosting

Click HERE for information on our cloud packages
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Tech Support
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