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Hello and welcome to the website for
@ Wits End Technology (WET)

In 2001 we started our journey in the vast world of Information Technology "IT".  At that time our founder Sam Coleman started "Genesis Technologies Communications Consulting Group" which provided "Telecommunications Training and Consulting" to organizations needing guidance in those areas.  As time went on, it became apparent that most of the issues within the telecommunications arena could be resolved if organizations had a company they could rely on to handle each subset together as a complete solution.  This meant that nothing could be overlooked. If a subset was not functioning correctly it could cause issues for the entire solution.

To help facilitate those needs, we identified our technology services in the following subsets;
  • Infrastructure – Cabling
  • Voice and Data Service – Phone and Internet
  • Voice and Data Equipment Installation/Management
  • Desktop Support

Later we changed our focus and our name.  We are now "@ Wits End Technology" and we have three areas of focus;
  • IT Design Service
  • Cloud Service
  • Phone & Internet Service

Each of our core services are centered around providing a unique solution for our customers and enhancing the business continuity within their organization.
@ Wits End Technology
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Tech Support
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